Service, Repair and Recalls

Used Bikes Direct 30 Day Warranty

We are so confident in our bikes that all certified rides come with our FREE 30 day warranty that offers coverage similar to your original equipment manufacturer warranty.
If you want even greater peace of mind then ask us about the Used Bikes Direct Extended Warranty. Our extended warranty is comprehensive and covers parts and labor and can be used nationwide at any Original Equipment Manufacturer dealership.
Used Bikes Direct rides can be serviced at any OEM or non-OEM dealership in the country, giving you endless service and repair options.


Although rare, some of our motorcycles may have outstanding factory recalls that must be completed by factory authorized dealers and not independent dealers like Used Bikes Direct.
To check potential vehicle recalls, click on the manufacturer link listed below.
In the rare occurrence that your Used Bikes Direct motorcycle may have an outstanding recall our sales advisors will point this out to you. As the buyer we advise that you should have any outstanding factory recall work completed by your local authorized dealer before use of your vehicle.